Interview: Pilates by Lisa

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Wondering how a successful journey starts? We sat down with Lisa from Pilates by Lisa and asked her about her life, her business, health & whats coming up next!

1. Share your journey with us.
Ever since a young age I had always been interested in fitness & health and one of my majors at University was exercise science. The story of Joseph Pilates had always intrigued me, therefore, after passing all my fitness qualifications and finishing my University degree, the next obvious step for me was to get my Pilates qualifications. I did this and started a small community class for locals and at the same time hoped to financially make ends meet. The class was a resounding success. I had a lot of requests for more classes, but with limited time and funds the idea of bringing my classes to people online was born. How convenient would it be to not have to leave home to be able to workout, or to be able to take your workouts with you to work or on holidays? Suddenly a whole new world would open up for stay at home mums, the elderly or anyone who may be intimidated by attending a live class.
Pilates by Lisa was born and has never looked back.

2. Why Pilates?
Joe Pilates once said “ In 10 sessions you’ll feel the difference, in 20 you’ll see the difference and in 30 you