Five gut healing foods to add to your diet today

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If you have joint pain or one of the many forms of diagnosed arthritis, then it may be time to investigate whats going in on in your gut, along with adding some gut healing foods to your diet.

In the last couple of years there has been a lot of talk about how the bacteria in our gut (referred to as our microbiome) effects our health.  Trials and research continue today to further understand how inflammation in the gut and an imbalance of gut bacteria, along with other gut issues, can result in sickness and diseases. One topic of debate is whether you can treat arthritis by adjusting the bacteria in your gut. According to an article on the Arthritis Foundation website many scientists are beginning to think so!

As research continues and connections are made, an important thing to consider whether you have arthritis now or as a preventative measure, is to look at your diet and consider adding some gut healing foods.

Well known Australian nutritionist, Cyndi O-Meara, dedicates a